Long-Run Saturdays are My New Fave Saturdays

IMG_5262 [1443389]Today, marked my first really good training run! The kind where you feel speedy, like the miles come easy and you could run forever–or at least do maybe 10 miles instead of six. I’m not sure if it was that I ate a bowl of cereal an hour before I started, had a cup of coffee about 15 minutes prior to heading out or that I actually did a solid warm up of lunges, squats and leg swings. Perhaps it was the gorgeous trail and green scenery of my PA hometown (see above photo) that pulled me through. It could have also been because I went commando in a pair of shorts that didn’t even have built-in underwear, only to realize later that they were on backwards, which explained the serious wedge I had during my entire trek. (Ok, that probably wasn’t it.) While I’m hoping later in my training I can actually pinpoint what works and what doesn’t, right now I’m just reveling in the fact that I finally had a run where I enjoyed (mostly) every step, so that deserves a #virtualhighfive.

See the past two weeks of runs have been kind of difficult. I’ve been in mindset of just wanting to get my workouts over with. Last Saturday’s 5 miler was definitely better than I thought it’d be, considering the amount of amazingly delicious seafood I had the night before and the drinks I downed with a friend who was in town. My fab roommate joined as we jogged along the water in Astoria park, so that certainly helped the time go by. But still, it wasn’t great and I’ve been waiting for those breezy miles to kick in and to get just a little reassurance that the hard work is paying off and I’m actually getting better on myfeet. Granted, I know it’s only week two here, but it was also run seven so that seems like enough time to build stronger steps. I will admit, I skipped my easy run on Friday morning, because I was just too darn tired to get out of bed. I felt super bad about, so I’m thinking that will light a little fire under my butt if I’m thinking about sleeping in again. And anyway, I had a good run today!

I am also looking forward to my new summer weekend routine: A chill Friday night, making the long run on Saturday my b*atch and then having the rest of the day (and Sunday) to celebrate the victory.

Now I’m in full vacation mode and looking forward to getting back at it on Monday, while I’m away in the Poconos. Have a fun 4th, friends! I hope you enjoy all your little victories too!


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