26.2, I’m Coming For You!

Marathon Confirmation

I always wanted to be a runner. Admittedly because I thought their bodies were pretty sick (hello, almost 0% body fat). But way beyond that, they also have some pretty serious mental stamina… and I’m usually a head case when I’m out on the road. I often think about how I can’t possibly make it longer than 30 minutes or how much I can’t wait to clock that last mile so I can eat a slice of eggplant parm pizza. Perhaps that’s why I decided to take the idea of running 26.2 from “one day” to getting the email confirmation for the 2016 TCS NYC Marathon–that is, to really test my mental strength. I technically made the decision to go for it last year, when I completed New York Road Runner’s 9+1 program, which guarantees entry into the following year’s marathon if you finish nine races and volunteer at one. (One of those included my first half and I did two others after that.) But if I rock the training as much as I hope to–the part that everyone says is the toughest to get through; not race day–I’m pretty sure my confidence will kick into high gear, along with my fitness level.

That brings us to today, Day 1 of Jenny Hadfield’s beginner training plan. Despite laying in bed at 7 a.m. contemplating hitting snooze–a pretty standard reaction for this non-morning person–I laced up my fresh kicks (Asics Nimbus 18, in case you’re wondering my gear of choice) and ran around the ‘hood. Lesson #1 I learned today: Always check your training plan before heading out. I was actually supposed to run for 40 minutes (Hadfield’s plan is based on time, not distance, for all days except long-run Saturdays), but I ran for 30. #Whoops. Maybe not the strongest start ever, but I’ll make up for it. And while it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped considering I have been running somewhat regularly for the past few months, it still felt great–and I know it brings me one step closer to the finish line.

So here’s to following that schedule a liiitle closer, enjoying each run a bit more, being consistent (in running and blogging) and sprinting through barriers I probably don’t even know exist yet. My main goal: Just enjoy every mile. See ya on the road… Or the water fountain, depending on the day ;)!







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